Frequently Asked Questions
Are there different types of swimming pools?
Yes, there are traditionally three types of swimming pools: (1) Cement/Gunite swimming pools; (2) Vinyl Liner swimming pools; and (3) Fiberglass swimming pools.
What is a fiberglass pool?
Leisure Pools® swimming pools are made from a unique combination of high quality materials including vinyl ester resin, Kevlar® and other chemical components. Our team applies at least six coats of resin and component materials that create unique layers of strength, beauty, durability and flexibility that allows us to guarantee a lifetime of fun with your new swimming pool.
What is the most popular swimming pool?
Cement / gunite pools are what most people are familiar with. However, fiberglass swimming pools are becoming much more popular and are attracting many more families and fans because of their ease of installation, variety and styles, and yes, even their pricing benefits and savings. Most importantly, people just like a fiberglass swimming pool because of the better swim they can have and the joy it brings to them when they see it in their backyard.
What is Composite Armour?
Leisure Pools® is proud to offer a revolutionary new technology in the creation of our composite swimming pool manufacturing. This is a patented process that significantly reinforces our pools with a strategically integrated laminate that consists of DuPont™ Kevlar® (yes, the stuff used in bulletproof vests,) Carbon Fiber and Basalt Fiber. In simpler terms, it makes a Leisure Pools® swimming pool much stronger while also allowing it to be more flexible at the same time. Testing has proven that a Leisure Pools® swimming pool is 111% stronger than a standard fiberglass swimming pool.
What is Osmosis?
Osmosis is the tendency of a fluid, usually water, to pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution where the solvent concentration is higher. This is not good when it comes to swimming pools as it means that water finds a way to get into the fiberglass layers of a pool and then seeps through or collects inside a layer. This can cause your pool to bubble or crack. At Leisure Pools®, the use of higher quality materials such as ester resin allows us to prevent this and safeguard your pool. The result is our ability to offer you a Lifetime Structural Warranty and Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty. An additional benefit of the use of our materials is what we call “flexural and tensile strengths.” Since your pool is in the ground, it will need to interact with the earth not only from a surface point of view but also from the extremes of ground movement and weather. The ingredients we use at Leisure Pools® allows our pools to withstand these conditions and allow you the freedom to enjoy your swimming pool for many, many years. To learn more about the “Benefits of Fiberglass Pools,” we invite you to watch our video at https://youtu.be/ZYtRknnsNbw.
Are fiberglass swimming pools more expensive?
Leisure Pools® are typically lower in costs than a traditional concrete/gunite pool but they tend to be a little higher than vinyl liner swimming pools. However, vinyl liner pools will need to be repaired or replaced within an average of 5 – 8 years so the lifetime costs may actually be much higher than a fiberglass swimming pool.
Is there any variety within fiberglass swimming pools?
There are currently 26 different Leisure Pools® models in over 65 sizes. We have square pools, round pools, rectangular pools, pool/spa combos, Splash Decks, diving pools, plunge pools and well, we think you get the idea. There are many design options to choose from and even more are unveiled every year.
Can I choose the color of my pool?
Leisure Pools® is proud to offer our high-technology “SMART Color Range” which provides the world’s most advanced gelcoats. This allows our seven color options to shine like millions of diamonds when water is placed inside your Leisure Pools® swimming pool.
Are fiberglass pools safe for dogs?
We love dogs in our Leisure Pools® swimming pools! Dogs' nails can rip vinyl liner pools but there are no such concerns with a Leisure Pools® swimming pool.
What about the roughness of pools?
The beauty of fiberglass swimming pools is their smoothness and comfort. Cement/ gunite pools tend to be very rough and can leave scratches and marks on swimmers, especially children. Leisure Pools® fiberglass pools are very smooth and nice to touch. In areas where people stand, Leisure Pools® has added some texture to the surface to make it resistant to slipping but even here, it is not rough to the skin or damaging.
Can you use salt water with a Leisure Pools® swimming pool?
Yes! Other pools may have parts that actually get eaten by the salt in these systems but there are no issues with the compatibility of a fiberglass pool to salt water systems. It has been estimated that over 90% of the Leisure Pools® swimming pools sold in Australia are paired with a salt water system so yes, we are very comfortable with the selection of a salt water system.
Does it take months to build my pool?
All Leisure Pools® swimming pools are made under strict quality control conditions in our factory in Knoxville, Tennessee. Much like automobiles, sometimes pools are already made and are “in stock” at one of our distribution yards meaning that you could have your own swimming pool in just days! If you need to order your pool, we will make it in our factory and ship it to you or your dealer typically within a month.
Are you going to turn my backyard into a “war zone?”
When you build a concrete/ gunite or vinyl liner pools, it takes quite a bit of time to complete and your backyard can look like a “war zone” for a rather long time. Since fiberglass swimming pools are pre-made in a factory, you just have to wait for your pool to arrive. Digging the hole to set your pool in the ground typically only takes a day or two and then it will take a day to place the pool in the ground and properly set it in. Your professional dealer/ installer will always do their best to take proper care of your lawn/ property. The good news is that this only takes a couple of days rather than weeks or months so you don’t have to stare at an unfinished pool in your backyard for months and you don’t have to worry about someone getting hurt in your torn up yard, with equipment and tools laying around your yard.
How long does it take to put in a fiberglass swimming pool?
Leisure Pools® dealers will spend a day or two preparing your backyard for your new swimming pool. The real excitement comes when they start digging a home for your pool which usually takes 24-48 hours. Your pool is then delivered to your home where a large crane will then lift up your pool and set it in place in your backyard. This only takes a day and is accompanied by an industrious team that sets your pool in place including putting all the plumbing in place. Many families are swimming in their new swimming pool the day of, or the day after, their pool arrives at their house.
What about maintenance? Is it easier, harder or about the same as other pools?
Many people believe that fiberglass swimming pools require less work than other pools. Also, because our pools hold up well in the elements, we find that less chemicals are needed to maintain your pool thus saving you more money.
What temperature should my swimming pool be set at?
The American Red Cross suggests 78 degrees for the best health benefits. This temperature is also wonderful for conserving energy.
Where are Leisure Pools® swimming pools made?
Your Leisure Pools® swimming pool is proudly Made in the USA at the world’s largest composite fiberglass swimming pool factory in the world in Knoxville, Tennessee.
How much does a new swimming pool cost?
We are always hesitant to throw out “one price” when it comes to purchasing your swimming pool. That is because prices vary not only on the size and type of pool that you buy but there are additional factors such as permits, grading, construction, installation and potential landscaping. While there are many benefits to purchasing a fiberglass swimming pool, prices can vary depending on how far you are from our factory (shipping costs) and whether or not we are able to share some of those costs with other families buying pools in your same area. We always recommend that you talk to your local Leisure Pools® authorized dealer as they will know the typical costs in your area and can determine the best way to maximize your savings. On average, a smaller fiberglass swimming pool requires an investment in the range of $32,000 - $35,000. Medium-size pools will run around $42,000 - $45,000. Larger pools can run over $50,000. Of course, there is great value in owning your own swimming pool. Who can put a price on kids’ laughter and the joy you get from relaxing in your pool/spa combo? Or the relaxing effect of a waterfall cascading into your pool? Let’s talk about how we can help you live your “Life of Leisure.”
When is the best time to run my pool’s filtration system?
We recommend running it during off-peak hours which usually falls between 8 pm – 10 am.
How long should I run my pool equipment?
You usually run your filter system 6 to 8 hours per day. When water temperatures start to climb above 80 degrees, your system will run 8 to 12 hours per day.
How much chlorine should I put in my pool?
Chlorine and pH are the first defense against germs that can make swimmers sick. You should always monitor your pool’s chlorine and pH levels and make the proper adjustments. The chlorine level should be ideally between 2 and 4 parts per million and should never fall below 1 ppm. The pH level should be maintained between 7.2 and 7.8 ppm. Not only maintaining these levels will prevent sickness but it will also minimize skin and eye irritations. Having the right equipment will help you do this.
What other equipment do I need along with my swimming pool?
Your Leisure Pools® swimming pool will come with a skimmer, pumps and drains. However, you will also need additional equipment for proper maintenance and if you would like lighting in your pool, or fountains, spa jets or other equipment, you should discuss this with your dealer/ installer.
How safe are pools?
Safety is always our #1 concern. Within a Leisure Pools® swimming pool, you will find that every one of our pools has a “Safety Ledge.” This is a small ridge that is built into the structure of the pool that provides a small step for less experienced swimmers. This means that young children can easily stand on the sides of our pool to hold themselves up and become more confident in the water. The Safety Ledge also serves an additional purpose of making our pools even stronger inside. Once you have your pool, you will be provided with a “Pool Education” session. We want you to use your pool safely which should always include swimming with someone else and learning the basics of swimming. Many families purchase a pool cover which can easily hold up young children or pets that may try to walk across a pool. This also has the added benefit of keeping your pool clean of debris like leaves, dirt and wind-blown objects. Many communities also have local laws that require the installation of a fence around your pool/ backyard to prevent young children from walking into your pool. Your local dealer will always partner with you during the design process to make sure that your pool not only meets your local safety laws but also to maximize your enjoyment of your pool.
How hard is it to “close up” your pool for the winter?
Your local dealer may offer “winterization” service to properly close down your pool for the season but if you would like to do it yourself, it usually only takes 30-45 minutes to do this. You just need to have a few materials and a little knowledge to properly prepare your pool for the winter season.
Should I drain my pool for the winter?
Actually, no. Leisure Pools® swimming pools are designed to have water in them at all times. While you may bring down the water slightly, you should never drain your pool. This could actually void your warranty. Keeping water in the pool can actually protect the bottom of your pool from cracking during freezing temperatures. Many families consider using a pool cover to protect their pool from the extreme cold as well as prevent debris from getting in – which makes it easier to open the pool when the warmer weather arrives. You may also want to consider adding a pool heater so that you can enjoy your pool in cooler temperatures.
Is it ok to let the water freeze in my pool?
Yes! We do have a number of families who look forward to winter so that they can skate on the top of their frozen pools. As long as you have properly “winterized” your pool, Leisure Pools® swimming pools are safe to have frozen for the winter.
Do you offer a warranty on your pools?
Yes, we offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty as well as a Lifetime Osmosis Structural Warranty on all of our Leisure Pools® swimming pools. We can do this because of the high quality materials we build into your pool and our proven track record of success with more than 50,000 swimming pools delivered to families in 22 countries.
What if I had a warranty issue?
The first place to start is with your local dealer/ installer. They may have the answer to your question or if a repair is needed, be able to offer up a simple solution. If you do have a Warranty concern, you can contact the Leisure Pools® Warranty Department who can address your concerns.
I’ve heard stories of fiberglass pools popping out of the ground. Is that true?
Very rarely does this happen and if it does, it either is due to poor installation or an extreme weather event (such as extreme flooding.) When fiberglass pools are properly installed, they nest comfortably into the ground and become part of the environment.
How long has Leisure Pools® been in business?
Leisure Pools® started in the year 2000 in Australia. Their first pool, the Moroccan, was handmade by Kerry and David Pain, father and son, in a space no larger than a three-car garage. Less than twenty years later, the company is a global force in the fiberglass swimming industry with more than 50,000 swimming pools delivered in 22 countries – and growing! To learn more, we invite you to watch “The Leisure Pools® story at https://youtu.be/qu2tbIYe5Q0.
Who can I talk to if I have more questions?
Feel free to call our headquarters at (865) 219-2880, Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. Of course, you should always reach out to your trusted local pool professional. We love talking about our Leisure Pools® swimming pools and hope you will become a fan, too!