Outdoor Kitchen Features

Consider what sort of outdoor space you want to create. Do you want your kitchen to be an extension or a part of an outdoor living room? You will need to break your room up into zones - define the seating and cooking areas not only for safety, but also to leave you enough room to cook.

The space where a grill and other appliances will fit into is called a grill island. These also include storage drawers, trash compartments and other spaces for kitchen essentials.

We can create the unique outdoor kitchen designs that you have always dreamed of, adding value and functionality to your outdoor living space. From classic built-in outdoor grills to dream island units jam packed with amenities such as wine coolers, beverage service center and refrigerators – the sky is the limit with today’s outdoor kitchen designs. Many home owners are including an outdoor kitchen in their backyard renovation plans.

In the process, homeowners are creating an outdoor great room with areas for relaxation, entertainment, recreation, cooking and dining. Outdoor kitchen designs add functionality and value to your outdoor living space. Much more than just a cooking grill, outdoor kitchen designs can offer most of the conveniences and appliances that are found in an indoor kitchen. Your outdoor kitchen design can include natural stone deck design, retaining walls as well as decorative concrete.


• A cooking element. This can be a stove, a built-in barbecue, a grill, a pizza oven… whatever you like. The element can include the grill island or simply stand alone.
• A dining table. You can include this in your cooking area, as a part of the kitchen surface, or have it as a separate item. It can be casual or elegant, depending on your taste.

Other features may include:

• An outdoor refrigerator – so that you’re not running in and out of the house constantly, carrying food or fetching drinks. Most appliances are small and designed to fit in the grill island, but you can find some full-sized fridges.
•A dishwasher, to circumvent the cycle of carrying dishes to and from the house.
• Secure cupboards, to store dishes and other non-perishable food.
• A smoker, rotisserie or oven – if you’re truly a gastronome, you might enjoy having other methods to cook food. You don’t have to be limited by a grill.

Patio Heating, Lighting & Misting

Be prepared for all kinds of weather and provide proper heating and cooling for your guests’ ultimate comfort using an outdoor heater and mister. The function of a mister is to send down a fine sheet of water to cool a hot brow on a humid day. The right sort of patio lighting can set many moods, from energetic to romantic to relaxing.

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