Water Features from Leisure Pools

The perfect way to add some verve and personality to your pool is with a beautiful water feature from Leisure Pools. We are proud to install all of the water features that Leisure Pools offers: the Cascade, the Serenity, the Waterwall, and wall panels. Learn more about each feature below, and contact us today! to talk about adding one or more to your pool setup.

The Cascade

Offering sleek and timeless style, the Cascade is a clean, sophisticated waterfall. Its appearance and functions can be endlessly customized with additional spillways, tiling, cladding, and other surface treatments. Once complete, it will blend beautifully into your larger pool environment and offer soothing background noise.
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The Serenity

The newest design from Leisure Pools, the Serenity, offers a long, flowing curve of water that adds an extra punch of style to any pool. The soothing sound of the water will help you relax on many a long summer’s day, while the appearance of the feature can be customized with multiple finishes as well as tile, stone, or mosaic cladding.
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The Waterwall

Timeless style, two sizes, and endless style possibilities make this one of the most gorgeous waterfall features on the market today. Besides offering soothing sounds and customizable style, the Waterwall even comes with an innovative nook in the back that can be used to store anything from pool supplies to toys and games.
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Wall Panels

Give yourself and your family privacy in the pool without feeling closed-in. The Wall Panels clearly separate your pool area from the rest of the backyard, and they help keep unauthorized visitors out. Plus, their appearance can be customized to match your home, including through the addition of glass and/or tile inserts.
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